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An Ode to Loreto: My Alma Mater

For as long as I remember, I have changed schools and met new people.

It was fun for a while to change lives back and forth... until it wasn't anymore.
When you're the "new girl" everywhere you go, there isn't much that people know about you and suddenly you have the power to change something about you or be someone entirely different from what you were before. Nobody would know.

Thing is, how long can you carry on being people you're not and living lives that aren't yours? At some point you get tired and then try to find your way back to when things were simpler and you could be you.

Except, you no longer know who "you" are anymore.

I was lost for sometime back there. Me trying to please everybody, got me into a whole big mess.
Of course, certain people, certain promises and certain circumstances kept me going, but the real struggle was within.

You know those people who have everything figured right from day one? Yeah, I've never been one o…