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Coming Home

After a vacation at some distant place, there is a bittersweet truth we all have to face... Coming Home.

You see, coming home doesn't only mean returning back, it also has other disadvantages, such as resuming work and getting back to your daily hectic schedule. Of course, there are a lot of benefits at home, that you can never get any place else. Such as,

Familiarity: From getting up in the morning, to making your coffee and tying your shoelaces for a run, everything is almost on clockwork at home. You don't have to think, you don't have to analyse... you are habituated to your daily routine. That is familiarity and you can rarely find it anywhere else. Comfort: No matter how comfortable your hotel or mode of travel was, the bliss of sleeping in your own bed and sprawling on your home sofa is totally different. Friends and Neighbors: Skipping up to your friend's place at ungodly hours and knocking down your neighbor's front door for an occasional chitchat isn'…

When there's too much to do...

There are moments, sometimes entire days or weeks when you feel like you simply cannot take any more tasks or chores. Stressful days such as these, leave you exhausted and feeling absolutely drained.
Avoid this "busted" feeling by doing a few simple things like:

Soak your feet in Warm Water: Research shows that your feet are connected to your feeling of exhaustion. As we know, our feet are connected to the rest of our bodies by the Central Nervous System. Apparently a fungal infection or some sort of bacterial growth can lead to an increased risk of depression or exhaustion.  So after a long day out, I suggest you soak your feet into lukewarm water for around 20 minutes. Not only will you feel fresh, but also more energetic than before.

EAT!: "An empty stomach, is the Devil's lair". So when in doubt, just eat.  Staying hungry throughout the day or forgetting your meals regularly is neither an option, nor a smart thing to do. Observations have shown that hungry…