Living a little

I just realized...we're already here.

"All those days watching from the windows
All those years outside looking in
All that time never even knowing
Just how blind I've been
Now I'm here blinking in the starlight
Now I'm here suddenly I see
Standing here it's all so clear
I'm where I'm meant to be And at last I see the light
And it's like the fog has lifted
And at last I see the light
And it's like the sky is new
And it's warm and real and bright
And the world has somehow shifted
All at once everything looks different
Now that I see you" I thought graduating was fun... Post Graduation is a different ball game altogether
We struggle, we sing, we hang, we crib, we complete assignments late into the night and wake up with hangovers after post-exam house parties. Deepankar's "chal, kuch fun karte hain" ("Come, let's do something fun") has become our motto in life. No matter how tired we are after a long day on t…

Date Night

Have you been to Mumbai during the monsoons?

If you haven't, good for you. If you have... poor you, I feel you.

Dates are supposed to be happy-happy for all. You're supposed to pick a good location that is comfortable for both you and your date and then pray to God that everything goes right.

This is not what happened.

Ashish the Great asked out my roomie Chaynika on a date on a day we were all sure it was gonna rain for a long long time.

Good for them though, right? I was pretty down from all the goings on that day and came back to our rooms to find Chaynika going around like a whirlwind, trying to tuck her hair in place, adjusting her top, fidgeting way too much.

It was actually amusing to see her go about cribbing how Ashish should have picked another day, hypocritically blushing and smiling to herself from time to time as she thought about him. They were already an hour or so late for their date because it was pouring cats and dogs.

We realized that the rain was neither go…

Here at TISS...

Here I am, sitting in a rented room in Mumbai city, sipping black coffee with my friends.

It's not even been a month at TISS and I feel like Mumbai was meant to be.
TISS culture is unique. I've met people from too many backgrounds, various age groups and probably all states and a few other nationalities.

TISS is laid back and on point at the same time. Lectures, meetings, journals on one hand... adda with chai-tapri, late-night movies and on-campus hangout spots on the other

Its all about debates, classes and rushing at day-time, while things switch to lazy walks, silent library chats and take out cravings by nighttime.

If you're the nerdy kind that likes to play sports, you'll find your place here. If you're the extrovert that likes a long lazy afternoon sometimes, you'll find your place here. Even if you're the ambivert who doesn't know where he/she belongs, TISS will feel like home to you.

Of all the things and experiences that TISS had led to, I th…

To The Scotland Of The East (Delayed Post)

On the 28th of October, 2017, the whole third-year honors batch of the Geography Department set out for our field trip to Meghalaya. We had been planning our 10 days trip for months already and had had to postpone it once because of the Assam floods that had occurred earlier that year.

Everybody was pumped up and ready to leave. It wasn’t just a field trip for us, it was going to be one of the most important batch trips ever and every single one of us knew that. Sharing Birthdays on a Field TripOur trip to Shillong was eventful enough since the beginning, but it was extra special to me. You see, my birthday was on the 30th of October and one of our professors, Mrs. Kumam had hers on the 4th of November; both of which were celebrated on the trip itself. We started off with a bang!The day we reached, we weren’t really allowed to rest. Strict orders were given out that all girls were supposed to be ready and out within 20 minutes tops. With 3-4 girls per room, needless to say, it was quite …

Its funny, Really

When was the last time you took a day off to stay offline?
Staying online is a lot of work. You check your messages every hour or so, look for emails from various important places, try surfing for music or movies. There's just so much going on inside those gadgets you carry around all day or plug into at the end of the day.
In the last decade life has gotten fast-forwarded. Its been us, running around, trying to keep up with the internet and all the innovations around us. If you'd just peek over your phone, you'd see it as I say it.
That old lady in the house next to you is desperately trying to call her son who lives in Australia. The man in the road is going about listening to music. When you're travelling in the metro you'll see almost everyone is on their phones. I've even seen a couple on a date, constantly taking pictures of their food and posting stuff online, without having said  a meaningful word to each other the whole time.
Its rather funny that wha…

An Ode to Loreto: My Alma Mater

For as long as I remember, I have changed schools and met new people.

It was fun for a while to change lives back and forth... until it wasn't anymore.
When you're the "new girl" everywhere you go, there isn't much that people know about you and suddenly you have the power to change something about you or be someone entirely different from what you were before. Nobody would know.

Thing is, how long can you carry on being people you're not and living lives that aren't yours? At some point you get tired and then try to find your way back to when things were simpler and you could be you.

Except, you no longer know who "you" are anymore.

I was lost for sometime back there. Me trying to please everybody, got me into a whole big mess.
Of course, certain people, certain promises and certain circumstances kept me going, but the real struggle was within.

You know those people who have everything figured right from day one? Yeah, I've never been one o…

Black Coffee

You walk right out of bed, with your hair looking like a crow's nest and your feet lazily tucked into your slippers. You're not even fully awake yet, but you're habituated enough to perform the routine without even opening your eyes.

So you just rub your eyes, get your cup out, hold it out under the water filter, till its filled to the right level and then stick it into the microwave and shut the door to it. When its warm enough you can spoon in just the right amount of coffee into it and then just stay there, enjoying the aroma of pure black coffee.
The Key to a Perfect Cup,... Is to not add sugar.
Any sane person who loves Black coffee knows this. Sugar isn't good for your coffee. It entirely suppresses the bitterness of strong and pure coffee.
Before you tell me, that's the whole point of adding sugar...hear me out.
Take a sip You won't like it. For most, its an acquired taste. For some, you take right to it.  Its too bitter when its cold and too sweet with…