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7 Reasons Why We Loved Mr. Darcy

In one of my earlier blog posts on Harry Potter, I may have slighted Jane Austen for her novels on English romance. Thing is, when I first read "Pride and Prejudice", it had a pretty lasting impression on me.
Old School romance was simple and uncomplicated by modern gadgets and smart phones. There were no social networking sites then and thus, people were left with the only option of conversing face to face. The rules to courting a girl were all stated beforehand. You either commented on her eyes or nose or voice, walked her home or simply married her.
For years girls have been drooling over the fictional Mr. Darcy. It seems to me that Mr. Darcy, in spite of his shortcomings, actually knew how the obnoxiously romantic heart of a woman works.

1. He's Not Prefect: Yes, you read that right. It is seldom seen that a woman wants a perfect somebody for her. Everybody has flaws and women know that better than most. The fact that Mr. Darcy was pompous and too proud of himself i…


No, I am not talking about your phones or your latest wifi connection. No, I am not even talking about talking in itself or about public speaking.
With technological advancement, they say human society has advanced too. They say we have evolved. They say, we speak our minds better, clearer and we have sound opinions and ideas of our own about this world we live in.... But alas, NO, I am not talking about that either. Connection: The Cambridge dictionary defines "connection" as the "The act of joining or being joined to something or someone else." To connect: There must have come a point in your life, where you suddenly met a person, completely out of the blue and you connected. It may not have involved any particular conversation or any certain line of thought. This connection may not even have involved any sort of conversation at all. What I am indicating towards here is that comfortable space shared by two people (may be more) in which there is a special feeling…