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Did She Win, Or Did I?

From the first time we met It was a battle She wouldn’t give in And I wouldn’t let go Days passed on And years went by The battle went on And on for long
For nothing was at stake Save for our own pride It wasn’t just the thrill Nor was it the prize It was just us Blinded by petty lies
We didn’t know For what we fought All we cared Was who came first And so the battle carried on For days together And years together
The battle was won But the question remained For all the pain And all we endured Did she win? Or did I?
Though days had passed And years gone by We wondered together
Was it truly just us? Or was it our pride?
What surprised us all, (For we were surprised) Is that after all those days And years gone by, We had not gained a thing But each other’s side
Though the battle had been won We did not care for loss For enemies who had long since withered, We became the closest of friends What would you say then if I’d asked… Did she win, or did I?

Morning Classes

As I write in our computer class right now, fully realising that it's not something I should actually be doing, this activity seems really fun.

So I started by getting up on the wrong side of the bed this morning. Totally grumpy, very hungry and absolutely not wanting to attend class. Thus I ended up doing what people like me do in such problematic situations....I dragged my sorry ass to college, music blaring through my earphones, being able to see practically nothing (since as usual, I felt sleep deprived during the ungodly hours, early in the morning).

Ma'am seems to have run out of projects for us to work on, so the idea was to catch up on some much delayed blogging. My partner here is literally falling asleep with her chin on her palm, elbow on the table....complete with the drool act and scary hair. Believe me... in classes like this, observing her is almost like one of the most interesting activities of all time.

So what's going on in class can literally be explain…