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Love Hurts: The Story of a Shoe Bite!

Shoes are bare necessities and that... is a fact of life (ahem).

For any other half-crazed shopaholic young woman out there, it makes perfect sense to buy shoes almost every month and probably splurge a few times in between as well.
Why we love them: They support you like no other. 
They always let you watch your step.
They never let your feet touch the ground.
How can you not love any object that actually allows you to achieve all these almost impossible tasks?

How they repay us: Bought a new shoe recently?
Tried it on? Well, good for you. You know the money was well spent. 
But then again... what happens when you forget that the shoe is new even though it's practically your favourite pair now? 
For all the love and care you show to your shoes, it's unfair to not receive such love and affection from them during the first few days of your relationship.

It's gonna hurt and you know it: Each and every one of my readers out there; you must remember those moments complaining …

8 Things You Can Only Do With Your Closest Friends

Summers are lazy, winters are sleepy and rainy days too risky. You will never get used to the tropical climate in India and the afternoon showers just before the monsoons will drive you crazy at times.

For times like these and for the sake of your sanity, if you are almost in your twenties and still living with your parents just like I am... here are 10 weird things you could do with a friend, just because you can:
1. A hunting you can go:Go food stall huntingGo ice cream parlour huntingGo hunting for the next best place you could double date atBetter ...go hunting for inspiration to get up and go elsewhere There is no end to the kind of exploring you can do, when you have a friend with you. It becomes easier to handle windy roads and unknown crowds, new places and exciting tours.
2. Nap: There are times when you just want to be alone, but do not want to feel lonely. Weird, I know... but it happens and you know it.
So here's what you can do... Knock on a friend's door, barge …