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Being Daddy's Little Girl

Growing up everything may not have seemed like a fairy tale, but you always had your dad to make it all easier for you. Every girl deserves to have a special relationship with that first man in their lives. Daddy may not have always known how exactly to deal with some of your problems, but the important part is that he was always there beside you.

My dad has always been a constant support to me, no matter what. He always says "Don't be afraid to try anything new. After all, I'll always have your back!" Though such gestures of affection may be rare from men, a dad never fails to show his love for his daughter.

Here's a few things only girls who grew up as "daddy's little girl" will understand:-

1. He can never say "NO" :
Whatever you did, from messing up your room, to yanking the cat's tail, your father could never really bring himself to scolding you. Yes, there may have been moments where you got into a rebellious battle with your par…

6 Things only a Travel Lover Will Understand

Ever felt that rush while packing for a trip to some new place?
Only travelers and those who love travel can really understand the true joy and art of travelling. Here are 10 things that only people who love exploring new places can understand:-
1. You know the world map quite well:- It has never been a problem to point out places in the map for you. This is mainly because, in most of your free time you keep surveying places you could go to in the future.
2. You've mastered the art of packing:- Tips and tricks to carry light luggage and how? You've got it all. Its natural for you to finish packing your travel things way before others have even started. 3. Its rare you get to meet like-minded travel lovers:- Not all the people you socialize with will get this passion of yours for travelling. But that hasn't ever kept you from exploring new places, just for the fun and sheer adventure.  4.Its just you out there, making memories for a lifetime:- Travelling is a fresh breath …

Becoming a part of the Harry Potter Fandom

The Cambridge dictionary describes a "fandom" as "a group of fans of someone or something; especially a very enthusiastic one". I for one, am a book worm and the first fandom I joined was one of Harry Potter's. 

There are some obvious reasons as to why young teens or enthusiastic readers completely fall in love with the flow of an epic tale. And there are other reasons that are not as obvious...
I have been a voracious reader since the 5th grade. When my dad gave me the final book of Harry Potter "The Deathly Hallows" on my 11th birthday (I'd not even started "The Sorcerer's Stone at that point), you can imagine my dismay at not having read the earlier books and my excitement to read them. 
The very next day when I went to school I found out that the tiny school library didn't have this book I was now desperate to find. surprisingly, it was our cranky old librarian who took an interest in my frantic search for the book. She asked me to g…