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To The Scotland Of The East (Delayed Post)

On the 28th of October, 2017, the whole third-year honors batch of the Geography Department set out for our field trip to Meghalaya. We had been planning our 10 days trip for months already and had had to postpone it once because of the Assam floods that had occurred earlier that year.

Everybody was pumped up and ready to leave. It wasn’t just a field trip for us, it was going to be one of the most important batch trips ever and every single one of us knew that. Sharing Birthdays on a Field TripOur trip to Shillong was eventful enough since the beginning, but it was extra special to me. You see, my birthday was on the 30th of October and one of our professors, Mrs. Kumam had hers on the 4th of November; both of which were celebrated on the trip itself. We started off with a bang!The day we reached, we weren’t really allowed to rest. Strict orders were given out that all girls were supposed to be ready and out within 20 minutes tops. With 3-4 girls per room, needless to say, it was quite …