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How we finally got to watch Justice League

Saturday morning began with my daily routine of groaning, whining, rolling in bed and getting back up to get ready for class.

We Loretoites do have college on Saturdays and believe me, I'm tired of reminding my own parents about that.

Justice League had been my daily cartoon/ panacea/ drug for most of my childhood and then Marvel was able to come up with a MOVIE on it, but most of my friends had bailed on me and my sister was too far away then to drag her along. So, I did the one thing I could do ...I got ready for class.

What was normal about the dayI got late.
Now our class has this special system of recording latecomers and devising ways of how to stall the professor so we (the latecomers) can arrive by the time the "attendance register" comes into the scene. 
So as is usual, I dropped in a message on WhatsApp in our class group saying "LATE".
I missed the metro
Nothing unusual. Every single time I am in time for my auto to the metro (which takes me to my coll…