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The Perks of having a Guy Best Friend

All girls have girl besties...but what about the guys? There are so many perks of having a guy best friend, that only the lucky ones would understand. So many movies have been made about best friends falling in love and getting together, but sadly very few on the guy and girl staying friends forever. If some one tells you guys can never be "just friends" ... believe them, because guys were meant to be our BESTEST friends.

1. They can make any damn thing sound funny. Be it a bad date or a worse day, ...he's got it all covered with his stupid jokes and sick sense of humour. It simply isn't possible to not end up rolling around in laughter when he's around.

2. You can always skip the drama around you guy best friend. The easy going and carefree attitude you have around him isn't what you would have shown your boyfriend, but its priceless.

3. He is NEVER going to sugar-coat ANYTHING for you. Constructive criticism....what's that?! If you want an honest opinion,…

Me and Mine?

The best part about living in a city like Kolkata, is that you can probably never run out of places to go or hangout with your friends. One of these favourite hangouts of mine, happens to be the New Market area. Cheap ear rings? A place you can absolutely get lost in? Good food? New movies? A day out? .....Well, New Market is the place for it, I believe.
 Some people find it tacky, some find it too busy.....others think its a haphazard mix of everything and anything. Frankly, I find it to be an amazing place where you can get crazily high on shopping, food and the crowds. Its a busy place, sure....but there's nothing more satisfying than a movie at New Empire followed by a filling lunch later at one of the many restaurants or stalls here.
Kolkata has many attractions, and this is one of the best of them. From the gentle buzz of the crowds in the afternoon and the lazy touring and scavenger hunt for the perfect bag, to the softies on the footpath and the long chats at one of the a…

The Big Picture

As I sit here, staring at my computer thinking of what it really means to be important, I cannot help but wonder about a few responses I received in the course of researching for my blog. Here are a few of them :-
A batchmate of mine says : " I wish, more celebrities came to our college for seminars, than just heads of certain institutions or important government officials."
One of my school friends: "I don't understand what you found so interesting about that Chinese Consulate General's speech at that national seminar?!"
My younger sister: " Do 6 hours of boring lectures from accomplished people, really count as much as we think?"
These were the responses I received when I very excitedly narrated my experience at a seminar on "India-China Relations -- The Future???" at the ICCR ( Indian Chamber of Commerce and Research).
The speakers included the present Chinese Consulate General, the president of the CENERS-K , the Aide-de-camp to the Pr…