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Here at TISS...

Here I am, sitting in a rented room in Mumbai city, sipping black coffee with my friends.

It's not even been a month at TISS and I feel like Mumbai was meant to be.
TISS culture is unique. I've met people from too many backgrounds, various age groups and probably all states and a few other nationalities.

TISS is laid back and on point at the same time. Lectures, meetings, journals on one hand... adda with chai-tapri, late-night movies and on-campus hangout spots on the other

Its all about debates, classes and rushing at day-time, while things switch to lazy walks, silent library chats and take out cravings by nighttime.

If you're the nerdy kind that likes to play sports, you'll find your place here. If you're the extrovert that likes a long lazy afternoon sometimes, you'll find your place here. Even if you're the ambivert who doesn't know where he/she belongs, TISS will feel like home to you.

Of all the things and experiences that TISS had led to, I th…