6 Things only a Travel Lover Will Understand

Ever felt that rush while packing for a trip to some new place?
Only travelers and those who love travel can really understand the true joy and art of travelling. Here are 10 things that only people who love exploring new places can understand:-

1. You know the world map quite well:-

It has never been a problem to point out places in the map for you. This is mainly because, in most of your free time you keep surveying places you could go to in the future.

2. You've mastered the art of packing:-

Tips and tricks to carry light luggage and how? You've got it all. Its natural for you to finish packing your travel things way before others have even started.

3. Its rare you get to meet like-minded travel lovers:-

Not all the people you socialize with will get this passion of yours for travelling. But that hasn't ever kept you from exploring new places, just for the fun and sheer adventure. 

4.Its just you out there, making memories for a lifetime:-

Travelling is a fresh breath of life to you. Nothing seems like a problem, if only you can travel. Meeting new people in new places, trying their cuisine and conversing with them has an out of the world charm to it.

5. Travelling with someone makes it even more special:-

If you've got a travel buddy or friends who are as crazy and outgoing as you, you've got it all. They will never let you down when it comes to an adventure. Every journey with them is another bunch of funny tales you share at the dinner table.

6. Saving money for the next trip:-

You're always saving money for the next trip you can go on. There's no doubt that you have that travel fund box tucked under your bed or behind your clothing shelf, just kept out of sight. Its like crack to you and you'd rather live out of a suitcase, than not travel at all.

There's a whole world out there. You can never really run out of places to travel. Having new adventures every time you step out is a rare talent and being able to do so with others is even more difficult. Living out of a suitcase or a backpack can be pretty challenging at times. But nothing can ever be compared to the pure ecstasy of seeing a new place with your own eyes or having reached a destination you've planned for weeks. 


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