7 Reasons Why We Loved Mr. Darcy

In one of my earlier blog posts on Harry Potter, I may have slighted Jane Austen for her novels on English romance. Thing is, when I first read "Pride and Prejudice", it had a pretty lasting impression on me.
Old School romance was simple and uncomplicated by modern gadgets and smart phones. There were no social networking sites then and thus, people were left with the only option of conversing face to face. The rules to courting a girl were all stated beforehand. You either commented on her eyes or nose or voice, walked her home or simply married her.
For years girls have been drooling over the fictional Mr. Darcy. It seems to me that Mr. Darcy, in spite of his shortcomings, actually knew how the obnoxiously romantic heart of a woman works.
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1. He's Not Prefect:

Yes, you read that right. It is seldom seen that a woman wants a perfect somebody for her. Everybody has flaws and women know that better than most. The fact that Mr. Darcy was pompous and too proud of himself in his first meeting with our protagonist miss Elizabeth Bennet (Lizzy), only showed us his shortcomings. 
Yet, when we come to learn of his true loving nature by the end of the book, it becomes really hard not to fall in love with such a man.

2. The Mannerisms:

Mr. Darcy knew exactly how to behave. Having said that, I do acknowledge that some times he lost his cool and had bitter arguments with miss Lizzy. But that only let's us know that he could never be quite that cool and composed around the one woman he loved. 

3. Loving "Most Ardently":

He sure had a vocabulary to fall for. English is a language and you cannot get your grammar wrong on a date, EVER. Mr. Darcy, throughout his playful banters with miss Bennet or during his conversations with the other characters gave us quite a lot of time with the dictionary. 
Although it was a job, deciphering all those big words at the age of 10, I was still quite taken with his subtle taunts and wonderfully short monologues.
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4. Being There:

No matter what kind of trouble Lizzy got herself into, Mr, Darcy always seemed to have her back. The "being there" thing, is very attractive in a man and has nothing to do with the way he talks or walks. 
Darcy, even when he had been rejected, tried to do his best for Lizzy and her family. He reunited Jane and Bingley and even paid for Lydia's patched up marriage to the perverted Mr. Wickham.

5. A Project:

We all know that women love working on projects, be they household or work space ones, or even real life human beings. Women seem to like the idea of making the world a better place. They are also more emotionally receptive and sensitive to change. Mr. Darcy is so attractive even in his lesser times because,  we had to chip away on his outer hard shell, to get to know the real him.

6. Pemberly:

The hero always has to have a big mansion with pristine grounds, doesn't he?
It is known that a person's home, reflects their inner feelings. It is very difficult to avoid a well-kept man, with a well-kept home.

7. Equals:

Mr. Darcy may have thought of Elizabeth as a petty woman in the beginning, but as you go through the book, you understand how he starts falling for her, as he recognizes her as his equal. When he spoke about "a mysterious pair of eyes", I think he meant less about Lizzy's beauty and more about her wit, sarcasm and fun-loving nature.
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All-in-all, the Mr. Darcy kind of guy is a hard to find phenomena. Our love for Mr. Darcy hasn't diminished one bit, since the last 200 years. There is still hope for womankind, as long as more of Mr. Darcy's are around.


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