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When there's too much to do...

There are moments, sometimes entire days or weeks when you feel like you simply cannot take any more tasks or chores. Stressful days such as these, leave you exhausted and feeling absolutely drained.
Avoid this "busted" feeling by doing a few simple things like:

Soak your feet in Warm Water:

Research shows that your feet are connected to your feeling of exhaustion. As we know, our feet are connected to the rest of our bodies by the Central Nervous System. Apparently a fungal infection or some sort of bacterial growth can lead to an increased risk of depression or exhaustion. 
So after a long day out, I suggest you soak your feet into lukewarm water for around 20 minutes. Not only will you feel fresh, but also more energetic than before.


"An empty stomach, is the Devil's lair". So when in doubt, just eat. 
Staying hungry throughout the day or forgetting your meals regularly is neither an option, nor a smart thing to do. Observations have shown that hungry people or those who do not take regular meals, get tired easily throughout the day. In contrast, people who maintain good eating habits, and have regular meals every day show better productivity at their respective jobs!

Sleep Better:

We all have known since elementary school that 8 hours of peaceful and undisturbed sleep is necessary for good health. But how many of us actually follow it?
People who sleep at irregular hours over a long span of time, or do not sleep at least 5-6 hours every night are more prone to heart diseases and hypertension.
If you are tired, sleep. It is as simple as that. A better sleeping pattern can only help you handle your daily stresses better, if nothing else.


Now that's not something our generation seems to have time to do any more. Yet, studies have once again proven the power of meditation. It actually helps you calm your frayed nerves and gets you to relax after a long and taxing day. 
I know, some feel sleepy during meditation, but apparently that's OK. Our psychology teacher used to say that feeling sleepy during meditation is a sign that your body has relaxed and is calm enough to go into "sleep mode".

Indulge Yourself:

Be it your favorite book, movie or ice cream...indulging yourself to lighten up the mood is never a bad idea. Favorites exist for exactly that make you feel better.
All those who have heard "I simply remember my favorite things" from "The Sound Of Music" will understand me fully.

Call Up a Friend (Or Visit One):

Even when we are far away and completely busy with our lives, we shouldn't ever forget our roots. Friends are such a great example of favorite things (or people). A close friend is the best remedy after a taxing day. They never fail to cheer you up, no matter what.

So go ahead and free yourself from your burdens. Time and tide wait for none. The best you can do is face each day with some spirit. Relax and enjoy some of your time, because that is the only way you can work harder and do better.
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