How we finally got to watch Justice League

Saturday morning began with my daily routine of groaning, whining, rolling in bed and getting back up to get ready for class.

We Loretoites do have college on Saturdays and believe me, I'm tired of reminding my own parents about that.

Justice League had been my daily cartoon/ panacea/ drug for most of my childhood and then Marvel was able to come up with a MOVIE on it, but most of my friends had bailed on me and my sister was too far away then to drag her along. So, I did the one thing I could do ...I got ready for class.

What was normal about the day

I got late.

Now our class has this special system of recording latecomers and devising ways of how to stall the professor so we (the latecomers) can arrive by the time the "attendance register" comes into the scene. 

So as is usual, I dropped in a message on WhatsApp in our class group saying "LATE".
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I missed the metro

Nothing unusual. Every single time I am in time for my auto to the metro (which takes me to my college), some moron decides to hold the traffic longer by driving their huge vehicle in the super-narrow lane at the speed of 10km/hour. I am not even kidding.
That is absolutely why I'm late for my metro. (Usually. But I have better excuses too...usually.)

How Things Got Set Into Motion

Me: "I'm late and I wanna go watch JL" 
Mouli: "Me too."
Me: "Do you think we can miss classes during the second half?"
Mouli: "We have field report...can't miss" 
Me (rolling my eyes): "First half? Just slowwwwwly walk away from class"
Mouli: "I'm late, not even in class. Tell me where to get down."
Me (absolutely awake by now): "ARE YOU SERIOUS?! Meet me at ***"
Once Mouli reached the station I realized that the movie had already started playing at the hall we were planning on going to.

Mouli: BANTU! We could have gone to the other station for that other movie hall. Why did you ask me to get down??????
Me: Maaf kar de maatey. Lets go now, we can still make it. 20 minutes in hand.

Reaching Awaited Destination

We ran. Literally.
Into the next metro....up the stairs...from the station....down the the mall.

Miraculously, for the first time in a long time in my life, the elevator was actually working at this crucial point. We rode it up to the hall and were then informed that the movie wouldn't even start before 10. (Phew, It was the first time I'd reached a hall before the national anthem began playing.)

Mouli was dumb enough to hand over her lunchbox, while I simply tucked mine beneath tonnes of files in my bag, so we wouldn't have to get salty popcorn later. (Genius <3)

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Later On...

We actually went to class for the field classes that day. ( After taking back Mouli's tiffin box back, of course.)

We took a deep breath as we stepped into class. 
To our nerdy minds' relief, there had been no classes of importance that day and we had finally been able to watch what we had been pining away after for soooooo long.

To me, the best part wasn't just having watched my childhood superheroes on screen again. It was the feeling of sisterhood I shared with a kindred spirit who knew my heroes as well as I knew them, shared my fangirl moments with me and definitely drooled over Aquaman and SUPERMAN along with me. XD

Thanks Moulaaaaay! I wouldn't have gone, if you hadn't been as late, as lazy and as impulsive as me. <3

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