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10 Good Reasons Why You Should Start Swimming.

Swimming is a sport, with endless benefits. For one, it doesn't matter what age you are. If you can can swim. It is especially relaxing and helpful in the blistering heat of tropical summers. Here are just a few reasons why you should put on that suit and go take a dip in that pool.

#1. Drives away the fear of drowning.

If you learn how to swim, you can overcome your fear of drowning, or your fear of water. Swimming is also recommended in areas that are prone to flooding or in Japan. If most of the people can swim, there would be less threat of drowning in deep waters.

#2. Best exercise. 

Swimming burns approximately 500 hundred calories an hour. It is the best exercise, since water exerts less friction on our bodies, than the ground (while walking or running). It is easier to move in water and thus, easier to do more exercise swimming than cycling, running or walking all put together. 

#3. Total body workout.

If you are looking for a full body workout, swimming is the exercise you should turn to. It provides a full aerobic workout, that helps you to not only work on your arms and legs, but also your stomach, abdomen and your cardio-vascular system.

#4. Age doesn't count.

It doesn't matter, whether you are 9 months old, or 90 years. To be a swimmer, you could be of any age. Old people suffering from rheumatoid arthritis too, are advised to swim, since it is helpful for joint movement. Babies, who are even 6 to 9 months old, may not be able to walk or talk, but can be taught swimming, because the water oriented environment is similar to the womb of their mother. 

#5. Cools your body.

After a long hot and tiring day, all you wanna do is just dip in the pool and forget your worries. Nighttime or evenings are especially peaceful and you can see the starts when you swim. Its almost like you were alone in the world, swimming among the stars, whose light gets reflect off the pool.

#6. Socialize.

When you swim, you are practically never alone in a community, association or club pool. This helps in socializing with the other members or neighbours who come to the pool regularly. Sports like swimming bring the society together, as they all work together towards a common, healthy future. The variety of gossip in the pool could range from daily work place complaints or funny moments, to discussions about spouses, siblings or even classmates. You would be surprised to know just how much you could actually learn from a fellow swimmer. I once met a physician in the pool who gave me advuce on the kinds of exercises I could do in water. Another time, I met a junior who was seeking some advice on how to study for the upcoming semester.

#7. Posture.

Have a hunchback even when your'e fully grown? Do not worry. Swimming is the ultimate answer to your problems. Swimming relaxes and works the joints at the same time, making them stronger and this leads to the betterment of your posture. The more you swim, the better your posture gets, eventually, with time.

#8. Builds Team Spirit.

Swimming can be performed as a team sport. Team swimming relays, simple team swimming or water polo are the best examples of swimming as a team. It builds a cohesive relationship among the participants and leads to a feeling of brotherhood and equality. Swimming in a team can help you work better as a part of something bigger and more important than you yourself. Being a part of a bigger team, brings out the team spirit in a individual.

#9. Boosts Immunity.

Swimming boosts immunity, and that is a fact. It clears your tonsils and helps in recovery after an injury or accident. Swimming flexes your joints and muscles, even if they have suffered during a previous incident. It is the ultimate exercise that will help you to jump start your life back again.

#10. Builds a better body.

Stronger. leaner, sharper, muscular and flexible. That's what swimming would do to your body. Many people take up swimming just as a means to lose some weight. But, it is to be kept in mind, that swimming, if left suddenly, may again make you gain weight. It should be practiced regularly, if not daily.

So get busy swimming this summer dear readers. It is the exercise for the season, and it wont even take much equipment (except for that swimsuit of your's) and it will leave you refreshed and feeling optimistic towards life.
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