Morning Walk and a Movie

Unfortunate circumstances make the best of stories...

I shrugged on my baggiest top and heaved my roomiest satchel up one shoulder and looked at the mirror.
"Will do."

*ping* Priya: You coming?
Me: Just leaving home.

"Bye MAAA!"
And then I shut the door. (*bang*)
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Smirking on having managed to irk my mother even at 10 in the morning, I started hurrying down the road. No autos, just walking. 

Back Story:
I hadn't met Priya in a while. We were going to meet Suvechha at the hall and even her and I simply exchanged half-hearted "hi's" and "hellos" at college.
None of that mattered though. One of us was in trouble, so all of us were going out.

The Movie (...)
Judwa 2 is not Judwa 1, but Judwa 2 is almost Judwa 1.
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Get it? No?
That's alright.

I grabbed the popcorn, Priya got our tickets....and Suvechha came in late.
No surprise there.

Once we got into our seats though, Priya felt this really strong urge to check her phone and that lead to a lot of popcorn landing right on our feet.
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Me: "Nice. Very very nice."
Suvechha: "SAVE THE FOOD!"
Priya: "Ok ok, I'm on it!"

We didn't really do a great job though. There was still some popcorn on the floor.
No matter. Suvechha and Priya shoved it right under the seats in front of us, while I was still trying to talk them out of it.

Suvechha: "Sanchari you should help."
Me: "No way, I'm the sensible one" 
*I spilt a little cold drink*
Priya: "Right XD"
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Thankfully, our Bollywood movie started right then, with a cranked up Bollywood music number. Safe to say, our movie went well, between 
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  • Passing vile comments at crappy scenes
  • Eyeing the villain wayyyyy too long, in ways too wrong (eye-candy)
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  • Staying awake through really bad jokes
  • Stalling peeing to sit through the scenes
  • and spilling some more food and drinks ( don't judge.)
My friends aren't crazy, or amazing, or loveable, or cute or just any one thing.
They are them and that's why I love them....

Which is why I dragged them along for an hour long walk.

Suvechha whined and Priya seemed a little worried but then I calmed them down with the typically Bengali dialogue "Eiitto, pouche gechi! Just aar ektu!"

Translation: We're almost there! Juuust a little more.

Of course, they didn't believe me. That doesn't mean they wouldn't walk. That's because there's nothing better than walking and talking when there's simply too much to talk about. 

From Priya's "We should always stay single" to my "Damn, boy's are irritating" to Suvechha's "I can't walk anymore, I'll faint right here"...
We were somehow able to reach my favourite lake in the city. 
  • Deep deep discussions
  • Too many selfies
  • Avoiding couples all the way in and then all the way back
  • Priya singing really old Hindi songs
  • Suvechha huffing on the bench
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Priya: You know, all of this doesn't make sense
Suvechha: I need water
Me: You know, I agree with you. The world is just not worth it.
Priya: We try so hard. 
Me: And then it takes so little to fall apart.
Priya: But how can the universe be so cruel
Me: Fuck the world. We should totally stay away from all things non-fun.
Suvechha: ... We need cold drinks.
Priya: What?...
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Of course, we got Suvechha her cold drink, after another 30-minute long walk, which I dragged the girls through.  <3
Couldn't let her faint on us. How do you think we'd carry her??

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