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Me and Mine?

The best part about living in a city like Kolkata, is that you can probably never run out of places to go or hangout with your friends. One of these favourite hangouts of mine, happens to be the New Market area. Cheap ear rings? A place you can absolutely get lost in? Good food? New movies? A day out? .....Well, New Market is the place for it, I believe.
Ear rings
 Some people find it tacky, some find it too busy.....others think its a haphazard mix of everything and anything. Frankly, I find it to be an amazing place where you can get crazily high on shopping, food and the crowds. Its a busy place, sure....but there's nothing more satisfying than a movie at New Empire followed by a filling lunch later at one of the many restaurants or stalls here.
Kolkata has many attractions, and this is one of the best of them.
From the gentle buzz of the crowds in the afternoon and the lazy touring and scavenger hunt for the perfect bag, to the softies on the footpath and the long chats at one of the air-conditioned adds up to the perfect haven for a college going student. It especially seems to attract a larger crowd of ladies due its fashion sensitive, cheap markets that cater to a wide variety of tastes and preferences.

Bags at the market

The sellers never run out of stock....that the best part. You may not always have as much cash in hand as you'd like.....that the worst part. Though, a little window shopping never hurt us much, did it ladies?
There has come a time in every girl's life, where a day out with a few amazing girlfriends is all she needed to cheer her up. Your favourite hangout is always an option. Checking out new things is always fun. Especially, if you are the adventurous kind. But, just once in a while, when you are in a place that only a few can understand, a familiar hangout is always, the right choice.

When it comes to favourites...we usually don't have much confusion. You may have many, or just one, but your favourites never cease to bring you comfort or giv you a sense of belonging. They are after all, entirely and forever, "yours".

What is yours is defined by you. Thats the thing about your favourites, your choices, your opinions and your judgements. They are YOURS. There is nothing to be ashamed of, if your views don't match with another's. As a human being and an individual, you are entitled to think and judge. 

It is very easy sometimes, to get influenced by what others think. the trick is to find out and determine what you think. For one, being creative and unique is a virtue, not a fault and for another, it's your birth right to observe and form an impression. 

As I mentioned about New Market being one of my favourite destinations, while it is cumbersome to many others, there may be a few favourites of yours as well, that may be unique. To be afraid of being a stand-out , who doesn't fit-in is something almost every teenager dreads. What you need to keep in mind is that not everybody fits-in. Some were just born to lead or set an example. Good , bad, ugly? ....Let the outcomes decide that. You are entitled to your opinion and your choices....and as long as they do not harm anyone, or cause much trouble, there's no reason to sway from them.

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