The Big Picture

As I sit here, staring at my computer thinking of what it really means to be important, I cannot help but wonder about a few responses I received in the course of researching for my blog. Here are a few of them :-
A batchmate of mine says : " I wish, more celebrities came to our college for seminars, than just heads of certain institutions or important government officials."
One of my school friends: "I don't understand what you found so interesting about that Chinese Consulate General's speech at that national seminar?!"
My younger sister: " Do 6 hours of boring lectures from accomplished people, really count as much as we think?"
These were the responses I received when I very excitedly narrated my experience at a seminar on "India-China Relations -- The Future???" at the ICCR ( Indian Chamber of Commerce and Research).
The speakers included the present Chinese Consulate General, the president of the CENERS-K , the Aide-de-camp to the President of India and the ex governor of WB, Mr. M.K. Narayanan!

The speakers were highly accomplished, very well distinguished, and hailed from various important government, as well as, private establishments. Even then, I was unable to explain to most of my friends, why standing in the same room as them and hearing them speak was so inspirational to me and my classmates.
I wondered why a seminar such as this, that was so motivating for me, became something rather cumbersome and boring for a few others. The answer was really simple and I was surprised it took me so much time to figure it out. We teenagers, have it easy and so we like it easy. From our ebooks to online purchases, social networking and video games, everything has always been at the tips of our fingers and somehow, we have forgotten how it is to live in the real world. Now, the virtual worlds look more real.
It isn't really about the amount of time we spend on the internet. No, the internet has proved itself to be of immense use to use. My blogging, your reading, our conversing, the online dictionaries, journals, tests, solutions and a host of other things would have been simply impossible to achieve, had the internet not been there to facilitate our activities. But that doesn't mean, that we spend most of our time, hooked to our electronic gadgets, shut in ourselves, not paying attention to our surroundings.
Life goes on and it will go on without us. If we want to take part in it or utilize the time, it becomes our responsibility to get off the couch and up on our feet. Go exploring, dance some, walk around, take a swim, visit a friend. It's not that hard to socialize on the internet, is it? So , how hard can it be offline?
Is the concept of a virtual world really scintillating enough to stop risking it and go and put ourselves out there? Or can you really gather your wits and make your time count?
I know, the idea of a virtual world, where everything happens according to your wishes, is tempting. But believe me, if you have the will to live and the courage to really face life and move on, nothing can stop you. What is important, is that you see the BIG PICTURE here.

All the best to all my adventurous readers, keep rocking it!


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