The Perks of having a Guy Best Friend

All girls have girl besties...but what about the guys? There are so many perks of having a guy best friend, that only the lucky ones would understand. So many movies have been made about best friends falling in love and getting together, but sadly very few on the guy and girl staying friends forever. If some one tells you guys can never be "just friends" ... believe them, because guys were meant to be our BESTEST friends.

1. They can make any damn thing sound funny. Be it a bad date or a worse day, ...he's got it all covered with his stupid jokes and sick sense of humour. It simply isn't possible to not end up rolling around in laughter when he's around.

2. You can always skip the drama around you guy best friend. The easy going and carefree attitude you have around him isn't what you would have shown your boyfriend, but its priceless.

3. He is NEVER going to sugar-coat ANYTHING for you. Constructive criticism....what's that?! If you want an honest opinion, he is the one you go to. You may feel like killing him after that, but hey... you can't fatten yourself with flattery right?

4. LATE to get home? Doesn't matter if your guy best friend is with you. Rather, your parents are glad he is there with you making sure you don't get into trouble... 

5. You don't need to watch you language around him. Any other guy may judge you, but your guy best friend will ALWAYS encourage you. 

6. You don't need a bodyguard when you've got a guy best friend. He may drive you crazy, but no one else can, ...not on his watch.

7. Got a guy problem? Relationship advice? How to handle a weird situation? Your boy bestie is the perfect man to approach. It's always handy to have a guy's opinion too.

8. It doesn't matter if he is late (which he always is)... you know that the wait will be worth the meet. But you can still be pissed off at him... and expect a ridiculous excuse from him in return too!

9. He'll wake up at 3 a.m and take your call. It doesn't matter what time it is...when you need him, he'll always be there. No excuses, no silly explanations ...after all, you'd do the same for him.

10. He is the only guy who will always put up with your ranting and whining, no matter what. He may most likely even surpass your girl best friends in their listening skills after a bad break up. 

All in all he is the craziest, zaniest, bitchiest, funniest and most honest friend you will ever have. Boy best friends may be under rated, but they mean a lot to us girls.


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