10 Signs You are a Strong Independent Woman

There has been a great upsurge of strength among people in our generation. Yet, as always, there do remain some who think strength and independence are over-rated.
Let me get this one thing straight: If you are strong and independent you owe nobody an explanation as to why. You are a much appreciated species who are highly required on our planet and here's why:

1. You Can Make Things Work:

When it comes to getting things done, you can trust yourself. One of the reason why people perceive you to be strong and independent is that you don't require much help to get your dreams to come true.
P.S: But when you do, you are forever grateful, because your helpers matter a lot to you.

2. No Excuses:

Things need to be done and they need to be done stat. No excuses, no late submissions. You know it is difficult to take on some of those tasks, but if you keep complaining, you'll never get it done. Your iron will is what gets you through these times. Life may be tough, but so are you.

3. You Earn Some:

One of the major signs that you have become independent is that you can make your own purchases. Going to dad for everything may seem an appealing option, but it is the equivalent of no option at all.
If you are going to call yourself independent, it's time you start acting the part too. Start small and take your time. What matters is that there be no pretense as to who you are.

4. Men Aren't the Foundation of your Life:

The basic idea about being strong and independent is that you have a lot of stuff going on all the time, So getting a boyfriend for recreation purposes or due to peer pressure is just a hilarious matter. 
Men are required, granted...but not all the time. You have a life and you like it. There's just no time to  go goofing around over paltry matters. 

5. You have a Strong Support Base:

Be it your friends or your family, there has always been someone who believed in you...sometimes even when you didn't. Being "Self-made" is all too good a concept, but it is seldom so. Every person has to have some sort of support base to achieve anything in life. 
The reason you get to be strong, is because people believe in you.

6. You are the Group's Therapist:

There is always somebody seeking help or advice on something or the other. If a friend is going through a break up and needs some feminist backing, she knows who to approach.
It doesn't matter what time of the day (or night) it is, you're always up to answer doubts for your closest friends. For it was them who held you in your times of distress.
Also, there is no topic you know too less about. So basically, people could come to you for anything. The fact that you seem to be the kind of person who's got it all sorted, doesn't hurt either.

7. You Have Your Own Opinions:

A girl's got to have opinions and ideas about her life and the world. It is what it is and if people can't handle that, then its time you said "toodles".

8. You Have Your Own Style:

You believe that to make a lasting mark on the world, you have to be different. The idea is to be remembered and respected. Not everything is about money or fame to you. There are things that matter more and you seem to know that better than most.

9. You won't take "No" for an Answer:

Taking "no" for an answer is just not an option. There have been times you've heard it, for sure. But that didn't mean you backed down, did it? 
Strength doesn't come from sitting around and simply accepting things that aren't acceptable to you. No, you are the kind of person who will fight for what you believe in and wonder of wonders, even turn the future to your favor.

10. You may be Down, But Not Forever:

As depressing as the idea is, you do get down sometimes. These moments though not often, do occur and you have to face them nonetheless. The best part about being you, is that even in the darkness, you'll be able to see the light. No matter how hard conditions are, you can count on yourself to get right back up.

We owe a lot to the strong women in our lives, yet express very little gratitude to them, for simply being themselves. So, here's a shout out to all you strong and independent women jamming it out in the 21st century: "You're amazing. Keep it going girl!"

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