Have you ever lost a good friend?

A friend is someone you can trust, at any time of the day, but a close friend somehow matters more. They know your secrets, they know your preferences, they know how to cheer you up and they know what hurts you most.

Losing a friend is not something we are proud of, but is a situation that many of us have faced at some point of time or the other. Those little inside jokes and stupid little fun memories can haunt you for a long time even after you've stopped talking to them.

It may have been your mutual egos, your differences in opinions, a silly fight, or even involved a third person. The bottom line is that losing someone who matters that much is not a pretty feeling and it is something we definitely would try to avoid, if given a chance.

I had a similar experience. But suddenly one day my ex-friend texted to say he's sorry. What you need to know here is that he isn't the kind of person to apologize for ANYTHING at all. So it was a big deal somehow, though I had my doubts.

The thing is, we knew each other once... we may not be so sure of that now. So many doubts and so many questions arise that are in a way indescribable to me. Walking out on our friendship was his choice, not mine. I do realize that I let him leave, but neither of us realized exactly what we had lost back then.

Something he said made me accept the fact that he really was on the right track. He said, "Believe in me now, for it took some guts to call you up after all these years. I did it anyway because I felt I had to."

None of us have any idea exactly what the future holds for us. What we can do though, is take one step at a time and see how it goes. At the end of the day, when all your work is done and all you need to do is sleep, doesn't your brain sometimes seem to work overtime?

Every wrong decision you made and every single one of your worries come to surface and leave you alone to deal with it. During these times, I just call up a friend or speak to a sibling, for they are people, who get you at your best and even at your worst. To have had one such person walk out on you may be the worst experience ever. But what do you do when they decide they want back in several years later? Reconciliation may be the best option here, but would it be something you'd actually choose for real?


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