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Little Things

Have you ever wondered exactly what makes your mornings good or your sleep a peaceful one? Why a small text can make your day or how an old friend can bring out your smile? What makes you happy and why do you need those regular encouragements from people that matter (or sometimes even form those who apparently do not)?
To start making sense, I would now have to narrate to you this one particular experience that lead me to think on this matter for a relatively longer period of time...

The Grumpy Walker:

Yeah, that's me. For my dear readers, here I am going to specify that when I'm in one of those moods, I prefer a walk. So a few days back when I was upset about some or the other completely obscene matter, I'd chosen to walk it off on the streets of Gariahat Market, just because. The vendors shouting out new offers along with the regular crowds didn't seem to be helpful either. 
As I headed down towards main market from Golpark, I got slowed down due to the early morning office hour rush on the footpath. That is exactly when the security guard of one of the apartments wished me "Good Morning Madam". It was absolutely unexpected. For one, I wasn't even sure whether he had directed the greeting towards me. So, I looked back. He was smiling at me and so finding nothing else to say, I just wished him a good morning back. 

A really small thing? Matter of no importance at all? NO

Facts you need to know:
  • I didn't know the guard
  • I'm pretty sure he's never seen me before either.
  • It actually wasn't creepy
  • No one cares during office rush hour, whether you are having a good morning or not
  • It was totally unexpected
  • It made me happy
Maybe I looked pretty pissed off that morning from even afar, maybe the guy was happier than most days, maybe he'd wished others as well, maybe so many other things. The simple fact that a person bothered to wish me even when we had no mutual business felt nice. One middle aged security guard on one particularly bad morning wished me... and that is all it took to cheer me up. 

What's funny is that I don't even remember exactly what I was so pissed about. Yet, I remember the one greeting that made my day. I haven't seen the man again, didn't even try looking for him. For, it was the gesture in itself and nothing else that mattered. 

Just Mom Things:

Moms are pretty special, to pretty much everyone. Well I have the perfect Indian mother-daughter relationship in my life. We look alike, we complain all the time about each other to each other, we fight a lot, we love to speak in high volumes and we cannot live without each other. 

My mother is a working woman (teacher) with a tight schedule and a professionally trained loud voice that will scare any kid on the street any day. Of course, I am thankful for that particular quality of hers during exams because it is among the only incentives that get me to study. 

Nonetheless, every time I score better or perform well, its only her that I think of. In fact, somehow I think, all us kids have that somehow ingrained in us: "What will mom say? Will this make her happy?".

Now as the popular saying goes, "It took 10,000 days to become an overnight success", my scores weren't that great this one time. I was completely freaked out about what mom might say and dreaded going back home. So I, complete with my school backpack, uniform and water bottle, decided to roam the streets (I thought they would be my new home after mom saw my score sheet) for the entire evening. 

At last, when my hungry stomach started making too many unwanted noises I had to go home. Mom was there...waiting. (I've mentioned earlier that she is a teacher. Well, she is a teacher at my school, who teaches economics in the higher grades. And I had scored "not so well" in her paper and surprise of surprises....mathematics. )

Yeah...tough luck. I just stood there waiting for the verdict, waiting for some sarcastic remark or some rebuke. She never said anything. She took me to the dining table, sat me down, took my bag and bottle and placed one big bowl of maggi in front of me. What was I doing the entire time? Isn't it obvious....I was gaping at her! 

This is what she said to me next "I knew you wouldn't come home on time and I know all your marks." One big sigh and then she continued, "Don't give up. Don't worry about me. Study what you like and I'm sure you'll do better next time." 

Not to make much of it, I'll just mention that I kind of sobbed over my maggi a little. But that was the end of vague decisions about graduation for me. 12th finals,I scored better of course and gladly that was the end of mathematics for me. 

Mom made an exceptional decision that night. She didn't react like I thought she would. She went on further to say that she actually believed in me, even at a time I didn't. That is something worth working hard for. It wasn't much maybe, but for the 16 year old me, it was way more than I'd hoped for. 


Its the little things that add up to make bigger things. Focus on them and let them make your moment better. Make the most of the little things because you may find them anywhere, any day ;). 

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