Absolute Essentials for a Writer

What makes a story compelling enough for readers to crave for more content, is what a writer creates...with more ingredients than an authentic biryani!

To delve deeper into the subject I decided to ask people (specifically, writers, bloggers, content developers), what they thought, was most essential for a writer. To be honest, a few of the answers were pretty basic ...others have the potential to surprise you.

So here's a compilation of the results that were gathered from at least 10 dependable sources:-

1. Expertise in the subject:

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If you want to write about something, you'll have to thoroughly research regarding every item you want to present in an article, blog post or story. If you come up with something that is contrary to facts, always mention that you are deviating from the original story or facts. This will at least allow your more knowledgeable readers to know about your intentions and not spam your comment box with malicious content. 

2. Don't use too many jargons:

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Using big words is fine, especially when you have avid readers as followers. But, make sure you use those jargons at the right places. Do not fill in your content with lots of them, so that people get confused about what you've written. Let'd face it...even you wouldn't like re-reading the same sentence at least 6-7 times to understand what it actually says.
Also, do not use words unnecessarily, moreover when you do not know the meanings of those words. It is especially irritating to readers and you're sure to get some retorts for that.

3. Get in "the zone":

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This my dears, is the key to becoming a successful writer. When you write, do you feel that calm feeling as if it's absolutely "your space". Its difficult to break out from such a reverie. Time slows down and nothing else seems to matter, except for you and what you write. That right there, is "your zone". 
Once you're there, no matter what I'm sure you'll be able to come up with matter that may even surprise you from time to time. 

4. Know that when you write, you spin Magic:

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A painter can make magic on a canvas, but a writer's magic lies in bringing out the picture in mere words. J.K. Rowling created a world of magic through merely 7 books; Wordsworth painted thousands of pictures in out minds through the power of poetry; Shakespeare played out romances and tragedies while the works of Homer and Dante still inspire awe among even the best of us. 

5. Eyes:

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Now you'd say that is just another cliched bit of information. Well, that's what I thought first as well. Apparently there are very few famous writers who have been visually impaired since birth.
Yet, looking deeper into the matter I'd have to mention that seeing is not the same as observing. A good writer never uses her/his eyes to "just see". They observe... and that ladies and gentlemen is where the journey begins.

6. Connect with your Readers:

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Its a mutual relationship you know? I'm sure there are times when you just want to express yourself through your matter. But what makes a piece of content better than the rest, is your consideration of what your readers want. Sometimes a compromise is necessary to please the readers as well. Many a times they come up with ideas and twists that you may not even have imagined. This adds a little to your piece and definitely expands horizons. 

7. Jot it Down!:

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Yeah, it is very common for you to spin tales in your head and let them fly off into the air even as you walk down the sidewalk. There's always an easy solution. Carry a notepad or jot things down on your phone memoranda so as to not forget. No idea is absolutely useless and you know it!

8. Do not Procrastinate:

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If you have a deadline, just get it done. Yeah, I  know its not that easy. Believe me when I say that the same is a problem for me as well. Yet again, there's no point pushing work unto tomorrow because you never know what tomorrow may hold in store for you. 

9.Let lose your imagination:

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There's no point reigning in ideas so you might as well let them flow. Take out at least 15 minutes everyday to think about what you'd like to write about or what you'd want people to know. It does help. This way, you are ready to set off the moment you sit down to type.

10. Take Breaks:

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Its easy to get distracted so might as well take short breaks between writing. Staring at the screen isn't a good idea for long stretches of time. Go have some snacks or jog around before you sit to type it all down again. 


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