When Snow Simmered

Open Day at Loreto College is a food and fun Fete.

The students raise money by selling homemade food and articles and the profits made, are given to NGOs as charity money, or as clothes and food to the poor on the streets.

As the name suggests, Open Day is open to all. People from different colleges, friends, family and colleagues all step in to buy items, have food, dance to their favourite records and have fun at Loreto.

This Open Day

Mahasweta and I decided to step out of the "Loreto students' entrepreneurship", and step into "Independent entrepreneurship". So under our Principal's "Young Lady Entrpreneurs" innitiative, we set up a stall with other companies and establishments, to not just start our new venture, but to also check out our standing.

MENU!!! (Snowy Simmer)

We had 
  • Choco Ridges (chococolate cake with dark chocolate icing, sprinkles and cherry on the top!)
  • Chocolate Cakes (A loooot of chocolate cake with chocolate chips, cranberries and sprinkles)
  • Butterscotch Cake (Double layered with cherry on the top)
  • Choco Cupcakes (Each one designed uniquely)
  • Cranberry Cookies
  • Choco Chip Cookies
  • Candy Pops!
Our stall, "Snowy Simmer", was a success from the beginning. Items started selling out, even before I got there in the first place. You couldn't imagine the smile Mahasweta gave me as I rushed in late, with my backpack, cookies and cakes, with Neelu.

Safe to say, I was late. Traffic, 3 cakes, 2 boxes of cookies...one me? Of course, I was late. (None of my fault though)

So I flew into the room and I see my partner doing buisiness like a pro at a cake stall without a knife, a tablecloth or even the money bag. 

M: "Where were you?!"
S: "Umm, traffic?"
M (shaking her head and smiling): "Get the tablecloth out, we're in buisiness!"

Customer Service

Is difficult. Period.

Customers need boxes, they need toothpicks, spoons, tissue papers, bins, 20 requests per minute and they NEVER come individually, bringing entire groups in, crowding at your stall.

We had times when all we did was Snapchat and click pictures (with filters and maybe on DSLRs).
Then there were times when we both were simply scrambling around to get the tissues and toothpicks and paper plates and change in time. 

There were even times when either Maha or I went around selling cookies right from the jar to even the other stalls nearby. (XD that was fun)

She Caught me Once:

I was out there on one of my "rounds" with the cookie jar, which basically consisted of going around and checking out good stuff to buy, chatting around and having more food. 

There I was, offering one free cookie to one of my friends and I whispered,
"Don't tell Maha I gave you this. Shhh", when I hear "Sanchariiiii, this is nooot how you sell stuff!"

Mahasweta caught me. :( 
But then she burst out laughing 2 seconds later, so I kind of sighed and laughed nervously too.
What? I'm a nice person and I'd give you a free cookie too. ;)

Serving Friends:

Needless to say, we pulled in too many classmates, friends, teachers and others to our stall, marketing and advertising like crazy.

We received an order for a birthday cake! That was the highlight of the day.
Maha had managed to get hold of one of her seniors and persuade him to come to our Fete. He and his friend are now going to be our first official customers to actually place an order for a cake. (Good news, good news all the way.)

Partner Rocks:

We wouldn't even have broken even had it not been for Maha's amazing marketing skills, crazy dedication and absolutely remarkable talent.

The idea may initially have been mine, but the thing is that without Miss Mahasweta Chakraborty, it would have been just another one of my crazy ideas. 
She made our dream come true. Had she not agreed to partner up with me (lazy, crazy, always me), Snowy Simmer would have been another dream away.

Ooh and We wore SheIn!

We had both placed orders at Shein.com before the fete and we had expected our clothes to come on time. Somehow by the time we came up with the idea of the stall, we both decided that we wanted to wear new Shein stuff for the opening. 

Maha's order was late, but JUST IN TIME. Her order arrived the day before Open Day while mine had already come in ages ago. We were absolutely able to simmer with our new favourite sweatshirts that day. <3

In fact, I'd do it all over agian. :D


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