Black Coffee

You walk right out of bed, with your hair looking like a crow's nest and your feet lazily tucked into your slippers. You're not even fully awake yet, but you're habituated enough to perform the routine without even opening your eyes.

So you just rub your eyes, get your cup out, hold it out under the water filter, till its filled to the right level and then stick it into the microwave and shut the door to it. When its warm enough you can spoon in just the right amount of coffee into it and then just stay there, enjoying the aroma of pure black coffee.

The Key to a Perfect Cup,...

Is to not add sugar.

Any sane person who loves Black coffee knows this. Sugar isn't good for your coffee. It entirely suppresses the bitterness of strong and pure coffee.

Before you tell me, that's the whole point of adding sugar...hear me out.

Take a sip

You won't like it. For most, its an acquired taste. For some, you take right to it. 
Its too bitter when its cold and too sweet with the sugar. Its bland if its not black enough and unbearable if its "too" black.

To get just the right amount of coffee into your morning, you'd have to be an avid coffee lover, who is actually willing to go through all those trial and error experiences, to get you to the perfect cup full of hot, fresh, nice black coffee.

Yeah, I just had mine. Good Morning Y'all :p


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