Its funny, Really

When was the last time you took a day off to stay offline?

Staying online is a lot of work. You check your messages every hour or so, look for emails from various important places, try surfing for music or movies. There's just so much going on inside those gadgets you carry around all day or plug into at the end of the day.

In the last decade life has gotten fast-forwarded. Its been us, running around, trying to keep up with the internet and all the innovations around us. If you'd just peek over your phone, you'd see it as I say it.

That old lady in the house next to you is desperately trying to call her son who lives in Australia. The man in the road is going about listening to music. When you're travelling in the metro you'll see almost everyone is on their phones. I've even seen a couple on a date, constantly taking pictures of their food and posting stuff online, without having said  a meaningful word to each other the whole time.

Its rather funny that what contracted the world into the space of our palms has also turned s into beings living in spaces far beyond the understanding of the person next to us. 

I know, its practically impossible to stay away from our devices. But if you have to immerse yourself that wholly, make sure its for a cause, a passion or at least, for yourself.

Even one evening, with one friend, at one cabin by the lakeside could save your life. See a little, live a little. Life may not be as pretty as Instagram makes it to be, or as dressy as Snapchat, but at least its real through and through.


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