Date Night

Have you been to Mumbai during the monsoons?

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If you haven't, good for you. If you have... poor you, I feel you.

Dates are supposed to be happy-happy for all. You're supposed to pick a good location that is comfortable for both you and your date and then pray to God that everything goes right.
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This is not what happened.

Ashish the Great asked out my roomie Chaynika on a date on a day we were all sure it was gonna rain for a long long time.

Good for them though, right? I was pretty down from all the goings on that day and came back to our rooms to find Chaynika going around like a whirlwind, trying to tuck her hair in place, adjusting her top, fidgeting way too much.

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It was actually amusing to see her go about cribbing how Ashish should have picked another day, hypocritically blushing and smiling to herself from time to time as she thought about him. They were already an hour or so late for their date because it was pouring cats and dogs.

We realized that the rain was neither going to stop nor slow down. This led on to Chaynika calling Ashish every 5 minutes and ushering him to book an Uber and come downstairs. As a joke, I said, "Come I'll escort you to your Prince and then you can leave in peace".

I'll comment here, that Chaynika does not get my humor... at all.

She actually jumped at my request and screeched, "REALLY? You would do that for me??"
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I didn't have much of a choice after that.

I grimaced, took hold of my mini umbrella and walked out of the door to brave the rain for a date I wasn't even going on. It was pouring and we were literally wading through waters, the contents of which we had no idea about. It took us around 15 minutes to wade through the street we walk in 5 minutes.

I cursed at Chaynika all the way. Chaynika cursed at Ashish all the way. All three of us cursed the weather all the way.
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By the time we reached Woodland, I'm pretty sure my jeans were drenched (I know, bad idea to wear a pair of jeans in the first place...but let's let that go for now). It didn't matter how funny the whole situation was or how grumpy we looked. One look at Ashish, made Chaynika forgive him altogether.

Ashish gets this goofy grin when his girlfriend comes in and simultaneously I literally feel happy vibes coming from Chaynika when he opens the door...every. single. time.
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I was planning on keeping my "angry bird" look that evening. But love conquers all. I don't think anybody could have missed their chemistry that night. Chaynika and Ashish are actually sitting right opposite to me while I edit this post.

All the best you guys. May all you Chaynikas find an Ashish. ;)


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